Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc. is pleased to be able to offer the following selections from PlantHaven:

PlantHaven is a leading independent Breeder Agency, representing many innovative breeders whose cultivars have been tested, found unique and having an advantage in the marketplace.  All plants are patented and propagation without a license is strictly prohibited.


Abelia × 'Mardi Gras' PP#15,203
(shrub to 3 feet) Zone 6.  A variegated sport of 'Rose Creek'  The variegations is white with pink on the new growth.  The white flower and bronze/pink fall color give this plant year round appeal.  From Hawksridge Nursery in Hickory, NC. Price includes $0.45 patent fee.  (50/tray)                                                                                        $1.50 each
Abelia x 'Mardi Gras' PP#15,203
Abelia ×grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’ PP#16,988
(Shrub to 3 feet) Zone 6. A variegated selection from Panoramic Farms of North Carolina.  New growth emerges a bright yellow with light green center.  The flower buds are light pink and open to white throughout the summer.  The fall and winter foliage is a spectacular combination of yellow, bright orange, pink and a fiery red.  Please contact PlantHaven for growing rights information (Jeanette Bett, Shrub Program Coordinator, 805.569.9179)
   An additional $0.75 patent and marketing fee is due after your sale of the finished product. (50/tray)                                                                  $1.25 each                

Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' PP#16,988

Buddleia x 'Morning Mist' PP#17,332, Silver Anniversary Buddleia  (L & R)
(Shrub 4-5 feet) (Zone 7)   Bred by plantsman Peter Moore in England.  Intensely silver leaves and highly scented white flowers.  More vigorous than crispa or loricata.  Price includes $0.18 patent fee.                    $1.10 each

Silver Anniversary Buddleia
Buxus microphylla 'Peergold' PP#16.052, Golden Dream                              (Shrub to 2 feet) (Zone 6).  An introduction from John Peerenboom in Holland.   Evergreen shrub with a compact globose growth habit.  Foliage is bright green with a golden border.  Price includes a $0.45 patent fee.  (50/tray)     $1.40 each
Caryopteris x clandonensis 'First Choice' PP#11,958  (Perennial to 3 ft.) (Zone 6).   Dark purple-blue flowers on a long-blooming compact form.  An introduction from Peter Catt at Liss Forest Nursery in Hampshire, England.   Price includes a $0.25 royalty.          $1.00 each
Caryopteris x clandonensis 'White Surprise' PP#21,146               (Perennial 3ft. x3 ft.) (Zone 6).   Elegant variegated foliage, blue-grey in color with broad cream to white margins.  Tidy, compact habit with profusions of soft blue blooms early summer through fall.  Drought tolerant once established.  Price includes a royalty of $0.35.                                         $1.20 each
Caryopteris x 'Lisaura' PP#20,608,  Hint of Gold                                   (Perennial to 3 ft.) (Zone 6).    A golden-foliaged and blue flowered Caryopteris from Englishman Peter Catt.  Leaves are larger and broader than other Caryopteris on the market.  Price includes a $0.25 royalty.     $1.25 each
Gardenia augusta 'Crown Jewel' PP#19,896                                             (Shrub 2ft. x 5 ft.) (Zone 7).    Dwarf spreading habit only 24" in 4 years.  Gorgeous, double, white fragrant blooms in mid-June. Soft texture, more cold-hardy than 'Radicans'.  Heavy bloom set market.  Testing in Zone 6 for hardiness.  Price includes a $0.45 royalty.                              $1.45 each
Spiraea x bumalda 'Magic Carpet' PP#9363                                          (Shrub to 1.5 ft.)  (Zone 3)  Low growing cultivar with pink flowers and orange/red new growth.  Introduced by David Tristram of the UK.  Prince includes $0.35 royalty.                                                           $1.25 each
Weigela florida 'Dark Horse'  PP#14,381                                             (Shrub to 3 ft.) (Zone 4) A purple-black foliaged cultivar from the English breeder Peter Moore.  The foliage is smaller and has a slight curl to it.  Good deep pink flowers.  Has held up well in our hot summer Georgia gardens.  Height is 1/3 the size of 'Wine & Roses'.  Price includes $0.35 royalty.                                                                                   $1.25 each


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