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We have proudly been offering selections from the Gardeners Confidence® Collection since 2005.  This Collection is filled with beautiful ornamental shrubs which offer prolific blooms, beautiful foliage, interesting forms and disease resistance.  These plants are bred to be trustworthy performers with easy-care attributes.  Managed by McCorkle Nurseries, Inc. with their attractive packaging and aggressive marketing, we feel you will be confident you have made the right choice. 

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Purchase of plants in the Gardeners Confidence® program requires completion of a License Agreement.
  Licensee agrees to use only approved 8-inch or 3-gallon containers.
Product may be produced in five gallon or larger without the approved container. 
 (Contact Griffith Propagation Nursery for License Agreement, containers, and string tags.

Royal Majestics® Hydrangea Series

Three hydrangeas, each unique Graceful and dependable performers with strong stems and upright blooms
Highly resistant to mildew


Baby Lace™ Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata 'PIIHP-I" PP# 23,387
(3-5' x 3-5') (Zone 4) Attractive dark green foliage and full white inflorescences which are held upright on strong stems.  Sepals cover the fertile flowers.  Compact, rounded habit.  Foliage holds up well in summer. 

Lady in Red® Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Lady In Red’ PP#15,175
(Shrub to 4 feet) (Zone 6-9)  An introduction from Michael Dirr and UGA. The lacecap blooms are a pink/white that fade to a burgundy red. The stem, petioles, and leaf venation are red. Fall color is an attractive burgundy. Bred for dark green foliage, mildew resistance and leaf spot resistance.     



  Mini Penny™ Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Mini Penny' PP#15,744
(Shrub 2-3 feet) (Zone 6) A Dr. Michael Dirr introduction.  A seedling selection from 'Penny Mac' with a compact growth habit, small lustrous dark green, leathery leaves, large pink/blue flowers and mildew resistance.  This reblooming cultivar makes a beautiful presentation in the garden or as a container plant.


Glowing Horizons® Loropetalum Series

Ever Red® Loropetalum

Loropetalum chinense Ever Red™
(Shrub to 5 feet) (Zone 7) A Griffith introduction that is the first true red-blooming Loropetalum.  Intense red flowers in the spring and fall contrasting with dark burgundy foliage is spectacular.  Unlike other cultivars, Ever Red Sunset™ foliage retains its dark burgundy foliage color throughout the year. Tested for insect and disease resistance.


Razzle Dazzle® Crapemyrtle Series

  • Bred with desirable attributes of easy care and mildew resistance

  • Exceptional color – flowering summer into fall    Dwarf habit



Lagerstroemia 'GAMAD 1' Cherry Dazzle                        
(Shrub 3 feet) (Zone 6) Cherry red flowers in July.  Prostrate growth habit and orange/red new growth.  Fall color is burgundy red.



Lagerstroemia 'GAMAD V'   Dazzle Me Pink               
(Shrub to 2 feet) (Zone 6) This selection has prolific pink flowers offset by olive green foliage.




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